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Fitness Revolution is a Training Experience like no other

Fitness Programs Designed to Crush Your Fitness Goals

Fitness Revolution is created and designed by Pete Bommarito, the industry leader in elite and professional athlete training and development, and owner of Bommarito Performance Systems.

Fitness Revolution integrates the science behind sport-specific training with the body goals of active adults, delivering a personalized fitness program focused on results.

Over 30 Years of Professional Training Experience

Programs That Work | Proven by Professional Athletes Worldwide

Pete Bommarito is the owner and President of Bommarito Performance Systems. He is regarded as one of the top coaches in the professional sports industry because of his innovative, scientifically based approach to sport-specific training. With an expert team of performance specialists, nutritionalists, medical therapists and scientific advisory board members, Bommarito has prepared hundreds of professional athletes across all major sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, Tennis, Golf Lacrosse, MMA and more.


YOU may be thinking – what does this have to do with ME? The answer is – everything! The Bommarito team has thoughtfully created these Fitness Revolution programs utilizing the proven plans that work for professional athletes, edited to match the specific needs of former athletes or non-athletic individuals. Our programs incorporate aggressive, science-based techniques of training, customizes for every skill level, so no matter what you’re trying to accomplish in your fitness gains, we programs designed purposefully for your goals and needs. These programs integrate the proven success of Bommarito training, injury prevention and pain management to deliver a comprehensive solution to your fitness goals.

Train With Experts and get results

MEET some Bommarito athletes

Tyreek Hill

NFL All-Pro

Aaron Jones

NFL Pro Bowl

Evgeni Malkin

NHL All-Star

JD Martinez

MLB All-Star

Proven Programs Built on Science


Other programs promise easy results with ‘full body’ workout programs and fast fixes to your health and fitness goals.


Fitness Revolution is an innovative, science-based approach delivering proven results, time and time again. We do not believe in fast fixes – we believe in long term results. Our programs focus on establishing a foundation of strength, with ongoing focus on injury prevention and pain management, organically built into every workout. Our programs break down fat and build muscle while establishing strength, structure and stability to keep improving on your results, day by day, month by month. 

At Home or at the Gym

24/7 Mobile App

For all fitness levels

Customized workouts include instruction and video guidance for every movement.

Home or Gym

Workouts available 24/7 through the app with instructions applicable for home or gym activation.

In App Support

Utilize our in-app groups to ask questions, track progress and interact with others following the same program track.

Log Your Progress

Add data points to your daily workouts to track progress in weight gains, rep counts, etc.

Built for Your Busy Lifestyle

Comprehensive Programs for Every Fitness Level

at home or gym

Your daily workout is at your fingertips anytime. Keep it at home or take it to the gym.

all fitness levels

Beginner to Intermediate fitness levels.

all day, every day

Fitness Revolution was designed to fit into your busy lifestyle, with 24/7 access to daily workout programs through the Bommarito Systems app.

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