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Developed by the industry leader in professional athlete training, Fitness Revolution delivers scientifically-proven programs that integrate injury prevention and pain management to maximize results at every level of fitness.

All fitness levels

Whether you are an active adult, experienced athlete or this is your first training program ever, we have the right match just for YOU. Pick the program tailored to match your goals and let us do the rest.

full body results

All of our programs deliver full body results, regardless of your skill level or personal goals. We keep you motivated by developing increased strength and mobility in every workout in every program, getting you closer to reaching and exceeding your goals, day by day.

What We Offer

Pick YOUR Program

Shred Zone

Rev up your metabolism while losing fat and toning muscles with this customized resistance training program built for ongoing progression in weight loss and improved body composition. If you’re looking for a place to start or pickup wherever you left off in the past, this is a great choice for you.

Shred Zone Plus

Take your Shred Zone to another level with our PLUS option which also includes customized Energy System Development (cardio) workouts for an advanced take on our basic Shred Zone program. PLUS will do just what it says and get you the PLUS results you’re working to achieve.

Muscle Build

This unique program focuses on building strength and power with a specific flow of exercises that will deliver quick results, but WON’T stress the joints. If your goal is to gain strength and increase muscle definition, this is a great match for you.

Muscle Build Plus

Take YOUR Muscle Build results to the next level with our PLUS option which includes Energy System Development (cardio) focused workouts along with resistance training and pain management. If you are serious about getting results quickly and you’re willing to put in the work, this is the choice for you.

Maximize Your Results

Define Your Workout

create a foundation

Our programs establish a foundation of strength, with ongoing focus on injury prevention and pain management.

no fast fixes

We do not believe in fast fixes - we believe in long term results.

based on science

Innovative, science-based approach delivering proven results, time and time again.

Full Body Workouts Deliver Strength - Energy - Confidence

go beyond your limits

Our Clients Believe in Us

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Commit to Being the Best Version of YOU

challenge yourself. take it to the next level.

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